Dreamland for all travellers – Popular Japanese travel destinations

Dreamland for all travellers – Popular Japanese travel destinations

The Japanese mix of traditional and modern high-tech attractions attracts many of these islands. With your flight, travel insurance and accommodation organized, excitement awaits! Check out the top popular Japanese destination you could consider on your next vacation;

If you want to experience the hustle and bustle of a large global megalopolis, look no further than Tokyo. You could spend a lot of time sitting and watching people, absorbing all the movements of this thriving city. Tokyo is full not only of people but also of things to do. Taking the metro can be quite an experience, especially during rush hour. Platform workers with special equipment help to secure every last possible person on the busy train. Busy Shinjuku is buzzing with flashing lights, sounds and shopping. Ginza is the chic shopping district, and Akihabara is the place of the latest Japanese technological gadgets. Don’t forget Mickey Mouse and his friends at Tokyo Disneyland!

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You will have no trouble finishing a day of temple tours in Kyoto. Planning can be a good idea to see what can be done. Kinkakuji (the Golden Temple) and Ginkakuji (The Silver Temple) are some highlights. You can dress in traditional clothes for a photoshoot like Geisha (or Maiko, as the young Geisha calls her). You can see the real thing during sunset, while Maiko goes to the customers with the horse-drawn carriage as dusk approaches.

Osaka is known for its industrious citizens (but also most of Japan!), and its lively nightlife. The local dish is okonomiyaki, a thick savoury pancake topped with Japanese mayonnaise and a special okonomi sauce. Eat it in a special okonomiyaki restaurant, and the chef will pour the ingredients on the stove on your table and come back in time to turn it over to cook the other side. The Osaka aquarium is worth a visit with its impressive exhibition of penguins, and giant deep-sea crabs. Osaka Castle Park and Japan Universal Studios are other options.

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Hiroshima’s name has been forever engraved in the minds of the world as a sad victim of the first atomic bomb used in the Second World War. A dark but impressive museum remembers the tragedy and encourages the world to do the same. Although Hiroshima will never forget its past, today it is a vibrant city that offers much of the appeal of the big cities of Tokyo and Osaka, but without the crowds. If you enjoyed Osaka’s okonomiyaki, try Hiroshima’s. The local touch includes yakisoba noodles in the mix.

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The capital of the northern island of Hokkaido, Sapporo offers something different from its sister cities in Honshu. Hokkaido offers fresher air and fresh seafood and can be considered the Japanese version of “outback”. Sapporo is the starting point for rural adventures. In Sapporo itself, summers are often enjoyed in the large beer gardens in the centre of the city, while live music sets the tone. In winter, the Sapporo Ice Festival, with fantastic ice sculptures, is a highlight.