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Emerging Trends and Features for the Canada Job Bank


We’ve been hard at work developing several exciting new features and improvements for the Job Bank. Stay tuned as these will be released over the next few months – keep checking in!

Canada’s labour market is experiencing some dramatic shifts. We’re witnessing an uptick in company formation and a dramatic surge in new job growth.

1. Increased Access to Information

Canada Job Bank, a government-run program, assists Canadians in finding employment and employers in hiring talent. It also offers labour market information products to help users comprehend their careers in the Canadian labour market.

The National Job Bank is one of Canada’s largest job search websites, boasting over one million jobs posted annually. It’s free to use and provides a host of useful tools for both job seekers and employers alike.

Signing up for an account allows you to post jobs, receive alerts and search for positions that match your skills, experience and location. Plus, it lets you build a professional resume that showcases your qualifications, education and work history.

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Job Bank protects the personal information you provide to them under Canada’s privacy laws. This data is used by Job Bank and trusted government partners for services, research, evaluations or improvements to services, as well as to maintain the security of the Job Bank website.

2. Streamlined Application Processes

The Canada Job Bank offers an array of tools and resources for employers searching for top talent as well as job seekers aspiring to take their next step in life. These include job postings, labour market information products, and more.

One of the best ways to simplify your job application process is having effective communication channels in place, especially for questions regarding eligibility and position requirements. This can be accomplished through regular updates and feedback as well as using technology to make the process simpler for both parties involved.

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Other ways to simplify the job application process involve using technology for visual displays of information, such as videos and interactive forms. Furthermore, make sure your website is mobile-friendly so users can access it from any device. Ultimately, create a straightforward application process that makes filling out each application as effortless as possible for candidates.

3. Enhanced Security

At Canada Job Bank, we take your security seriously; we implement enhanced measures to safeguard any information entered and keep you protected against fraud, cyber-attacks, identity theft and other forms of online crime. These include hardware-enhanced security, password protection and email encryption for added protection.

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Security screening is mandatory for positions with Federal government departments, agencies and private companies that need access to classified government data or facilities. This screening includes criminal record checks, credit checks, loyalty tests and field verification; non-Canadians must also go through security screening.

User accounts are created to store personal information such as your name, email address and security questions. This helps verify your identity and provides secure access to the Canada Job Bank. After creating your user account, you have the option of receiving password reset codes via text message sent directly to your phone. However, make sure the email address on file is correct so they arrive in time – otherwise, check your inbox for codes!

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