Explore Amman – How is Amman the beating heart of Jordan?


Explore Amman – How is Amman the beating heart of Jordan?

Amman is one of the most overlooked cities for tourists and travellers, the capital of Jordan. A civilized and friendly city in the Middle East that is different from the surrounding cities. Although it does not have the deep history of Damascus or almost the amount of beautiful monuments that Cairo has, this city is an ideal place for a tourist to visit. With a recent flow of investors, this city of Jordan has recently been westernized, full of luxury hotels, beautiful cafes, beautiful art galleries and many shops.

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The personality of the city
Amman Jordan is a city with many different cultures. Circassians, Iraqis, Palestinians, Libyans and Syrians have all flocked to this city, voluntarily or forcibly banished from their homes. Amman Jordan is also not filled with the weight of the history of many cities of the Middle East. It is a city full of energy that stands out for its rapid humour and autonomy.

Sites to visit in Amman
With only a few important monumental sites, they are worth seeing. You can visit the Roman capitals, the centre of Roman Philadelphia. With a capacity of six thousand people, it is now filled with concerts and shows. You can also visit the Umayyad Palace in the 8th century. This structure was originally built for the governor and had a few administrative offices in a few.

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Amman Attractions
Most of the city’s wealth is found in the upscale neighbourhood west of Amman. The first circle is a quiet area with many cafes and galleries. A great place to spend some time and have tasty food, it is filled with many shops to visit and many diners to eat. The 3rd circle is the residential area and is filled with hotels. The 6th circle is filled with cafes and shops and is dominated by the Jordan Gate twin towers.

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Roman ruins of Jerash
Jerash is only half a day from the city, blessed with much outstanding picturesque landscape, this city is one of the best-preserved cities in the Roman Empire. It is an incredibly inspiring building, full of refined public buildings. You can visit the Holy Way on the way to the Temple of Artemis, or spend a few hours on the oval square, or more. This trip is easily worth a whole day and is very enjoyable and worth a visit.

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The hill of the citadel of Jabal al-Qal’ a
The hill of the citadel of Jabal al-Qal’ a in Amman is home to another glorious Roman site, the ruins of the Temple of Hercules, built about 25 years after the Forum on the orders of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. It is modelled on the Temple of Ephesus of Artemis and has been an important military and religious site since its inception. Recently, the excavations have revealed a Bronze Age colony on the north and east sides.


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