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Hottest Job Markets in Canada Right Now



Are you seeking a career change? Canada offers plenty of job prospects. From technology and healthcare jobs, to skilled trades and blue-collar jobs, there are numerous job openings for those searching for employment.

When considering a career change or hoping to advance in your current position, it’s essential to know which careers are in high demand and have the most job openings. Doing this will guarantee you land the ideal job that matches both your skillsets and interests.

1. Toronto

Toronto is experiencing unprecedented growth and is one of the hottest job markets in Canada. It serves as both Canada’s largest business and financial center, as well as an epicenter for technology.

Toronto’s economy is flourishing, drawing immigrants from around the globe. This makes it an ideal location to launch your career in Canada.

CBRE recently identified Toronto as the top tech market in North America, surpassing Seattle and Vancouver.

If you possess expertise in the IT sector, Dallas could be your dream job destination. There are countless businesses needing assistance with everything from website development and security to e-commerce operations. With so many opportunities available, finding work here could not be easier!

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2. Vancouver

Are you searching for exciting job opportunities in Canada? Vancouver is one of the hottest spots to be right now. Boasting superior culture, education and infrastructure, Vancouver has become a magnet for top talent.

According to the most up-to-date labour market forecast, British Columbia will experience more than one million job openings over the next decade. Nearly 80 per cent of these positions require post-secondary education or training.

The province’s top industries will be healthcare and social assistance, professional, scientific, and technical services, retail trade and construction. According to the forecast, 69 percent of new jobs will replace workers retiring or leaving the workforce.

3. Calgary

If you’re searching for a job in Canada, Calgary is currently one of the hottest job markets. It boasts several renowned energy companies and offers opportunities to those with experience in both oil and gas operations as well as alternative energy sources.

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Calgary’s economy has remained relatively resilient despite an oil price crash in 2014. This can be attributed to Alberta’s non-restrictive economic policies and the province’s diverse economy.

Calgary not only offers jobs in oil and gas, but also construction, technology, health care, transportation, tourism, IT, engineering, professional & scientific services and real estate. With its competitive policy environment and business-friendly atmosphere, Calgary is an ideal place to begin or continue your career.

4. Edmonton

Edmonton boasts an exciting oil industry and vibrant petrochemical sector, making it one of Canada’s top job markets. Additionally, some of Canada’s biggest and best-known companies are located here: IBM, General Electric, Intuit Canada, Afexa Life Sciences and BioWare are just a few.

Additionally, it serves as a major service and supply centre for the country’s oil industry, as well as being an important petrochemical hub. Due to its diverse labor force, the economy can remain resilient even during periods of low oil prices.

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Alberta’s vacancy rate, which measures the number of open jobs per 1,000 people, is lower than Vancouver and Calgary’s due to Alberta’s tight labour market which makes it difficult for employers to fill vacancies.

5. Mississauga

Mississauga is a rapidly-evolving and multicultural city situated along Toronto’s border. For those looking to start a new life in Canada, Mississauga makes an ideal home.

Toronto boasts a vibrant economy and serves as an international hub. Additionally, it is home to one of Canada’s busiest airports – Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Mississauga boasts a population of nearly 720,000 residents, making it both multicultural and highly ethnically diverse. With residents hailing from 185 different nationalities – more than double the provincial average – Mississauga truly stands out in the city.


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