How to Find Job Openings in Canada As a Newcomer
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How to Find Job Openings in Canada As a Newcomer



If you’re a recent immigrant to Canada, finding employment may be one of your top priorities. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to assist in finding your first job in Canada.

For example, there are over 500 immigrant-serving organizations across Canada that provide free IRCC-funded services. These groups provide job search assistance, professional networking opportunities and mentorship.

Job Search Websites

Finding job openings in Canada as a newcomer can be done through online sources. These may include job search websites, aggregators, social media channels, networking groups and staffing company websites.


Another option is to join a professional association in your field or industry. These organizations provide valuable insights about the Canadian industry and enable you to connect with influential professionals within it.

For a more thorough job search, consider using CareerBuilder as your go-to career website. This platform utilizes Google AI technology to match you with suitable opportunities and offers access to its extensive library of career advice.

Job sites also provide job resources, such as an interview preparation course and resume writing tools. Furthermore, employees who have worked there before can leave reviews of employers to gain insight into a company’s work environment, culture, and salary levels. This is an invaluable way to gain valuable information about a business’ potential employees.


Government-Funded Organizations

Government-funded organizations across Canada provide settlement and employment support services. These groups, known as Immigrant Service Organizations (ISOs), assist newcomers in adjusting to their new lives in Canada.

These agencies provide advice and connect newcomers to services in their community. Some even provide job training services.


The Ontario Centre for Sustainable Immigrant Integration is an example of a government-funded settlement agency that offers mental health and employment support to newly arrived refugees through the Ontario Refugee Resettlement program.

In addition to settlement and employment assistance, these agencies help newcomers learn the language and gain access to healthcare services. Furthermore, they often host social and professional networking events so that local newcomers can connect with others in their community.


As a newcomer to Canada, networking is an invaluable way to get started. It provides you with the chance to understand the employment landscape, plan your career path based on advice from other professionals and identify mentors who can guide and motivate you throughout this search process. Networking also gives you valuable opportunities for personal growth and development as well.

Networking can be an excellent way to connect with those who share your interests or are employed in related fields. Networking can be a rewarding experience, particularly if you have specific goals for your future in Canada.

Try to meet at least three to four people each week, though this number may vary depending on your schedule and objectives. Set specific objectives for yourself so you can prioritize building a network alongside job searching and other daily tasks.

Resume Writing

Resume writing is an integral component of the job search process. Newcomers should craft a resume tailored specifically to each opportunity they apply for and also attach a cover letter with their application.

A well-written resume is an effective way to make your Canadian job search stand out from others. It will also help you secure interviews and convince employers that you are suitable for their company.

Canada typically includes a professional summary, skills, and employment history on your resume. The format should be reverse chronological and showcase your education, awards, achievements, as well as volunteer work if applicable.

When applying for a job in either traditional industry or tech company, there are plenty of resume templates to choose from. Find one that best suits your requirements today!



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