In-Demand Jobs in Canada
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In-Demand Jobs in Canada



Canada boasts a vast array of career opportunities that are in high demand. If you’re considering moving here, it’s essential to understand which positions are in high demand before applying for a position.

Registered nurses are in high demand across the country due to the healthcare industry’s focus on caring for aging citizens.

Software Engineer

Technology is becoming more and more integral to many industries, making Software engineering a highly sought-after job in Canada. Companies like Doordash, Twitter, and Instacart have recently expanded their engineering teams here from the US.


Software Engineers create software for computer operating systems and mobile applications. Additionally, they collaborate with other professionals to develop programs across a range of industries.

Computer scientists or software engineers typically hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field. A master’s or doctoral degree may also be necessary.

They work in a range of environments, such as aerospace, telecommunications, computer information systems, and engineering consulting firms. Their duties include designing and implementing software applications, testing them for defects or creating user manuals; some may even be self-employed.


Customer Service

If you’re searching for a customer service position that is in high demand and pays well, Canada could be the ideal location. This country provides numerous job openings in various industries such as technology, retail, entertainment, and telecommunications.

Customer service representatives offer a rewarding career that requires excellent communication and problem-solving abilities. In addition to answering phone calls and emails, these support professionals provide product information to clients as well as process orders.


These representatives typically provide customers with product and service information, such as pricing, specifications, and available options. Furthermore, they answer customer inquiries about how to use a product or return it.

For customer service success, you must possess empathy and be willing to work with customers who lack familiarity with the product or service. This will enable you to understand their frustrations and assure them that you are doing all you can to guarantee they have a pleasant experience.

Commercial Driving

Commercial drivers are responsible for transporting people and goods from one location to another. They use a range of commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers, buses, and dump trucks in order to do their work effectively.

Commercial driver licenses (CDLs) are required to operate certain types of commercial vehicles. The type of license required depends on the type of commercial vehicle you drive and the federal or provincial regulations applicable in your jurisdiction.

As a commercial driver, you must possess an impeccable driving record and comprehensive knowledge of the mechanical industry. Furthermore, you should know how to maintain your vehicle properly and report any issues directly to management.

Canada’s commercial driver salary is quite lucrative, with an average wage of $57,733 annually. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of qualified individuals entering this profession, wages have become uncompetitive. Companies are taking steps to improve conditions and attract talent into the industry.


Canada currently has an abundance of engineering jobs that are in high demand. Fields such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil engineering are particularly in high demand.

Chemical engineers are in high demand in Ontario and Quebec, where there is a lot of manufacturing. Western Canada also offers plenty of job opportunities for these professions due to its concentration of energy production facilities.

Alternatively, biomedical and environmental engineers are in high demand in Canada. These specialized roles help improve lives while being among the most in-demand engineering jobs available.

Furthermore, many of these in-demand engineering roles offer PR points that can expedite your immigration



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