Part-Time Jobs in Canada - Balancing Work and Life Has Never Been Easier
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Part-Time Jobs in Canada – Balancing Work and Life Has Never Been Easier



If you’re an international student in Canada, finding a balance between work and life has never been easier. With a variety of part-time jobs available, you can earn extra cash to help pay for your studies.

Working in Canada as a student also helps you to build skills like time management, team spirit, and communication. You may even obtain professional ties that can be useful when you seek a full-time job in the country later on.


There are a variety of part-time jobs in Canada that can help you achieve a work-life balance. Tutoring, for example, allows you to work from home and teach students across the country.


Tutors are professionals who provide one-on-one or group support for students in a subject area or skill. They usually have specific expertise in the subject matter and a proven track record of helping students improve.

The most common signs that a student needs tutoring include poor grades and test scores, or a lack of motivation or interest in learning. However, there are also subtler indications.

Tutors are often able to identify these factors by talking with the student and observing their work habits. Tutors can also use their skills to help the student set goals and develop study habits they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.



If you love driving but also have a knack for driving others around, then a ride-sharing job as an Uber or Lyft driver might be your ticket to success. These companies connect drivers with passengers via a smartphone app, and you can pick up and drop off people wherever they need to go in your car!

The downside to this job is that it’s time-consuming and can be tiring. But it is a great way to make extra money while you’re in Canada.


You’ll need to be at least 21 years old, have a valid Canadian driver’s license, and own a car. You can make $14-$25 an hour depending on how much you drive.

A study reveals that driving releases a certain hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone, which may boost cognitive function and reduce stress. It could even ward off aging and keep you fit!


Co-op is an on-campus program where students work with employers to earn money and gain real-world experience. Typically, students will complete multiple work terms over the course of their degree to maximize their learning and build a professional network.

Unlike internships, co-ops are full-time positions. They may last for up to four months and require a commitment of time and effort.

However, the benefits of a co-op outweigh these limitations. For one, you will be earning real money while you are studying, which helps pay for your tuition costs and living expenses.

Another benefit is that you will be able to build a professional resume while also developing your skills as a business person and marketer. This is valuable for future jobs.

UFV offers a wide range of co-op and internship opportunities for international students. These programs vary in duration and payment, but they all allow you to learn more about your chosen career field while helping you earn money for tuition and living expenses.


Internships in Canada have become a popular option for international students looking to gain work experience abroad. They’re a great way to spruce up your resume, meet new people, and build professional connections that could help you find full-time employment.

The Canadian government allows overseas students to work off-campus for up to 20 hours a week during academic term time and full-time during holidays. If you’re studying for PR (permanent residence), this extra job experience can help bolster your application.

In addition, internships can also be a good way to practice your communication skills. They give you a chance to work with different teams and learn from the professionals in your field.

Internships can be a great way to meet new people and expand your network, so make sure you have an open mind when choosing the right job for you. It’s important to keep a positive attitude and be willing to put in the work required of you.


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