The Most Popular Jobs in the UK for International Candidates
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The Most Popular Jobs in the UK for International Candidates


The UK is an ideal country for international candidates due to its abundance of job opportunities and comfortable lifestyle. That is why many students from around the world choose to study here.

Despite the current UK staffing shortages, there are still plenty of high-paying jobs to be had in the country. Here are five popular career sectors for international candidates to consider.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance jobs are in high demand both domestically and abroad, with a variety of roles requiring expertise across all aspects of financial activity. Those with strong qualifications and experience may find opportunities in financial services, retail banking, insurance or private equity firms.


Large accounting firms like Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young and PwC can be an excellent starting point. They employ thousands of professionals worldwide so you’ll quickly build up a reputation as a credible professional in the industry.

You could also consider working at a smaller firm with fewer staff and responsibilities, which may prove more rewarding. This could result in closer connections with colleagues and clients, providing you with an emotional tie to your work.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to search for accounting and finance job openings, as professionals can post job postings there. It’s also a useful platform to network with other finance pros and learn about what’s available around the UK.


Marketing and Sales

Marketing your business requires using the most up-to-date technologies. This includes social media, SEO, video marketing, and more.

It is essential to select the appropriate job board, in order to achieve optimal results. These can range from free job portals to paid sites.


One of the leading job boards is CV-Library, which boasts over 12,000 employers and 4.2 million active users each month. This job board offers an impressive set of features that make it essential for anyone searching for their next career move. Plus, with CV-Library you don’t even need to leave home or office; plus you can set up email alerts so you stay abreast of industry developments.


International candidates seeking employment in the UK tend to gravitate toward jobs within the IT sector. There are plenty of opportunities available across the country, and salaries vary based on experience and level of knowledge.

The most sought-after IT roles include data architects, developers and engineers. These positions boast some of the highest salaries in the industry, drawing in experienced professionals with strong cloud expertise as well as other technical abilities.

Finding IT jobs in the UK can be done through various methods, such as online job boards and recruitment agencies. Furthermore, you should join professional networking websites and connect with people within your network who work within the same industry.

Advertising and PR

Advertising and PR are in high demand in the UK, with fierce competition for available positions. This can be particularly daunting for international graduates with little work experience; therefore, do your research before applying.

Many major marketing, advertising and PR agencies offer graduate schemes. These provide paid entry-level positions that serve as training programs.

You can also search for internships and work placements. Check the IPA Member Agency List or reach out to student members of PRCA to receive advice on securing internships or work placements in your preferred sector.

Larger firms often offer insight days and short work experience opportunities that you can take advantage of. These events usually last one day to two weeks, offering work experience as well as the chance to get acquainted with the firm better.


The UK offers an unparalleled educational system that can give international students the skillset needed for future employment. Whether you want to teach English, maths or science to primary and secondary school students, or offer a modern language like French or German to adults, there are numerous possibilities available to choose from.

As an education consultant, you could work with schools to develop more engaging curricula and enhance teaching methods. Your past teaching experience and qualifications will allow you to guide teachers in their practice while guaranteeing pupils receive the best possible education.



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